Luan Mei is a young independent singer-songwriter and guitarist from Madrid based in Brighton, UK. She started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and writing her own songs at 15 as a way of understanding feelings and life situations through her synaesthetic conception of the world. Feeling colours for people, moments and sounds creates a whole universe filled up with metaphors and similes in her lyrics.

Her constant search for her own sound brought her to Brighton at the age of only 18, where she graduated on Songwriting and launched her career as a songwriter. She has performed in Brighton venues such as The Prince Albert, The Mesmerist and Latest Music Bar, as well as at The Great Escape festival in 2019; Sofar Sounds London and Alevosia in her hometown.

Combining different genres like indie, pop, funk and soul as her natural way of creating music, Luan Mei has the power of bringing the audience inside her vibrant and rhythmic style of playing: her finger style guitar work adds a very rhythmic edge to her writing, which beautifully underpins her catchy melodies. Her unique voice and energy when playing challenges anybody to remain indifferent.

Luan released her debut single ‘Elements’ in 2019, which caught everyone’s attention and has been played on BBC Radio, Radio Reverb and Platform B Radio. Luan Mei is bringing a different story to the industry this June, Pride month, with her new single ‘Yellow’, a tune about queer love through art and synaesthesia.

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